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Billy Graham Quotes

Inspirational quotes from Billy Graham the most-renowned Christian evangelist in American history who is known for his annual “crusades”, large gatherings at which he preached. Billy Graham (1918-2018) also appeared not only on his own TV specials, but on shows such as Meet the Press, The Jack Paar Show, and the Tonight Show Starring Johnny …

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Robert Kiyosaki quotes

Best quotes from Robert Kiyosaki: one of the world’s foremost authorities on personal finance is a successful entrepreneur probably best known his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The wildly successful entrepreneur is probably best known as the author of the wildly successful book Rich Dad Poor Dad. What Robert is most known for is his …

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Bernie Sanders Quotes

Best Quotes from Bernie Sanders, one of the most potent forces of progressive liberal values in the United States. The Independent senator from Vermont is best known for his ardent support for single-payer healthcare, free college tuition at designated public colleges and universities, and collecting taxes on Wall Street transactions and on wealthy individuals and …

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Best Henri Rollins Quotes

Best Quotes from Henry Rollins, a pop culture’s pre-eminent entrepreneur and man of all trades. Born Henry Garfield, in Washington, D.C., Rollins is known as a musician, publisher, writer, and actor. He took his punk-rock aesthetic and turned it into a brand and an international multi-million -dollar industry. It’s an unusual career path for a …

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