About AHS

Why I Choose Hope

Hello. My name is Gary Doi. I recently retired as Superintendent of Schools in British Columbia (Canada), a position that I held for eighteen years. Prior to that, I had been a classroom teacher, university lecturer, educational consultant and school administrator. For over forty years, I had (in one way or another) been involved in educating students in the public school system.

It was, as I like to say, a career dedicated to teaching hope. We worked hard, over a long period of time, to shape the lives of young people and improve their life chances. Oh yes, there were challenges along the way. There always are. But I can’t think of a more soul-satisfying and critical occupation than that of being a teacher.

I created this magazine blog—A Hopeful Sign (AHS) - out of a deep desire and commitment to spread hopefulness to a wider community. To encourage people to live life fully, to learn for a lifetime and to make a difference in the lives of others. A Hopeful Sign is an online community forum (or platform) for those who are (or want to be) hopeful about life.

I am particularly grateful that so many writers—right from the outset—have selflessly volunteered their time, talent and skills. These wonderful individuals (from all around North America and beyond) share stories, ideas and thoughts about the three interrelated themes of hopefulness: living, learning and leading.

As a blog, we want you to interchange with the AHS contributors. So, subscribe to the site. Reply to the blog posts. Tell your friends and colleagues about the site. Write about a hopeful experience or take a hopeful picture and submit it to us. “Like” us on Facebook. Tweet and retweet.

With your help and network of friends and colleagues, we can spread hope: one person, one group, one organization, one neighborhood and one region at a time.

Please join us won’t you? Choose hope.

Gary Doi, Founder-Editor (ahopefulsign.com)

Gary recently retired as School Superintendent after serving 18 years as superintendent in three British Columbia school districts. Previous to that, he had been a teacher, consultant, school administrator and university lecturer. He created the magazine blog “A Hopeful Sign” to foster the spread of hopefulness by encouraging people to live-learn-lead.  Follow Gary on Twitter or Facebook.