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Return Visit to Vancouver – Photographer Erik Kerstenbeck

Photo: Downtown Vancouver BC

(Post by Erik Kerstenbeck)

It has been a long time since I have been to Vancouver, close to 25 years. I worked as an Intern at an Electronics company called Anatek in North Vancouver one summer during my studies at University of Waterloo. I fell in love with the city and region, after it stopped raining that is. It rained the entire first month of May that I was there and when June blossomed so did my spirits and my adventures began.

It somehow seemed appropriate that during my recent return visit, it rained every day. This did not really bother me much, other than I had to ensure my photography gear didn’t get soaked.

Upon arriving, I set off to North Vancouver and shot the city lights from there. The driving rain calmed the waters and cleansed the spirit.

During the days I ventured up the coast to Whistler along the Sea to Sky Highway, rummaged around Richmond and Gastown, but the night kept drawing me back.

One rainy (what else) evening, I decided that False Creek was the place to be for night time cityscapes and I was not disappointed. It seemed as if I was the only one out that evening – certainly the only one with a tripod and an umbrella! I love shooting at night and it is a special treat if I can find some foreground water for colourful reflections smoothed out by long exposures.

My spirits blossomed again, and this time it wasn’t the warm sun of June, but the glistening lights of Vancouver.

Erik Kerstenbeck, San Diego, California

Erik is an Electrical Engineer by trade but has been self studying photography for 30+ years startingwith an old Brownie Box camera given to him by his Dad. Erik thrives in all aspects of light, composition, and technical aspects of equipment and post processing techniques. His newest interest is High Dynamic Range photography, and infrared imaging. The world is full of beauty, and Erik and his partner Kathleen bring it to you with their vision. Contact Erik or follow him on Website,Blog, Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Hi

    Thank you so much for sharing my work and continuing the kind support of my Photography!

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  2. Love the the creative and inspiring images that you create, Erik.