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I Give You Olympia Washington – Photographer Scott Wood

(Post by SCOTT WOOD)

Selecting Olympia, Washington as our new hometown was really a “no brainer” as I have always loved it here. Olympia has a great downtown area, a vibrant arts scene and some wonderful places to eat. It also has a fabulous broadwalk along Percival Landing.

It’s no secret that I would miss the Arizona monsoon, storm chasing and especially lightning photography when we moved out of Arizona. So imagine my delight when we had some thunderstorms come through the Olympia area this summer. I love having the capital building in the shot and how can you not LOVE that sky?

It’s winter here and that means a lot of gray days and rain, but every now and then we are treated to a nice little sunset. I waited until the sun peeked through the little break at the bottom of the cloud bank.

You could call this the “south end” of a northbound Heron which was taking flight from Capitol Lake in Olympia, Washington.

This image of Mt. Rainer was captured from Overlook Park in Olmpia. My wife and I had been out running errands and we kept getting this glimpse of the tiny lenticular cloud over the mounatin. I just had to grab a shot of it.


Scott Wood, Olympia, Washington

Scott has had his work published domestically and internationally.  Visit his website to view more of his work or follow him on Twitter!/Scott_Wood

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  1. Great shots Scott!