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A Frequent Winter Visitor – Photographer Chris Martin


The common redpolls (Carduelis flammea) are, as the name implies, common across Canada’s lower latitudes in the winter.  However, they are new to my backyard.  We have had scores of Black-capped chickadees since we put out a winter bird feeder several years ago but not redpolls.  This year, there is a flock of about ten that spend much of the day in the trees behind our house flitting back and forth to the feeder.  They are joined now and then by a larger mob of about thirty more redpolls.  All of them seem to play nice with the incumbent chickadees so they have been a great, and colourful, addition to the forest that edges my backyard.

Common redpoll perched on cold morning - © Christopher Martin-2011

The morning I spent with them this weekend was cold so all of the birds were eating a lot and flying around.  My fingers didn’t like the -20˚C but it was a lot of fun standing in the middle of activity.

Common redpoll in profile - © Christopher Martin-2057

I set up early so the light was decidedly bluish.  When it came up, the sun went in and out of the clouds so I had a lot of different moods to work with.  It was a very fun morning at home.

In the brambles - © Christopher Martin-2153

Redpoll flight - © Christopher Martin-2419

Christopher Martin, Kananaskis, Alberta

Chris is a travel and landscape photographer who loves exploring new places and experiencing what people have to offer from around the world. He also enjoys photographing people at work and play and is drawn to the interesting moments, big and small. He regularly contributes to a local magazine, Bragg About the Creek, and his images continue to be licensed for a variety of printed and online publications. To find out more about his work check out his Blog or follow him on Twitter  and Facebook.

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